How I Ruinned My First Year of Motherhood

Anyone else feel like they are ruined their motherhood? Just me? Good, It’s not a great feeling! Let’s just say, is not at all what I had expected it would be. Although, I don’t think that is saying much because I’m pretty sure that most moms say something along those lines and I am pretty sure we can all agree that motherhood is hard. I had been a nanny for a number of years before miss Paeton came along but all the kids I watched were over the age of 2. When she arrived I was thrown for a loop I didn’t even see coming. Maybe we should start from the beginning.   I had a bumpy pregnancy all the […]

An Empowering Playlist Momma Can Actually Get Behind

  Every Saturday growing up was cleaning day and it always was accompanied by loud and fun music to groove along to while we got the job done. I remember mini dance breaks and learning how to cha-cha in the middle of my living room with my momma or singing into hairbrushes with my sister as we cleaned the bathroom.   Music has always been a big part of my household and I have personally seen what the power of it can do to our minds and souls.   When I first heard the quote “you are what you listen to” I didn’t think it was accurate until I put it to the test. I never had a set genre […]

Cali-Talian Heirloom Tomato Salad

Fresh tomatoes just scream summer to me, well any garden fresh vegetable says summer to me, but when you can put a handful of those veggies into one amazing Tomato salad, I think you officially winning! When I was really young I loved spending time in my Papou’s (grandpa in Greek) garden. If fact most pictures I have of the two of us are down in that garden. Often times I would have dirt from head to toe, my curly hair was tousled and tangled, my thumbs were black from helping pick basil, my belly was full of the most delicious tangerines, figs, and tomatoes and I was dripping in citrus juice.   Those days in the garden were the […]

More Community

How to Cultivate More Community in Your Life

Social Media is an everyday part of our lives. Unless you live under a rock and still haven’t committed to it, you’re on it at least 4 times a day, and that could easily be an understatement. I have a love-hate relationship with the whole thing. Social media is one of those #allthefeels kinds of topics, I mean that literally. Frustration, anger, swooning, love, happiness, jealousy, FOMO, inspiration, joy etc. I repeat,  #allthefeels   In some aspects, I see how awesome it is to create online communities and get in touch as well as stay in touch with people you wouldn’t often talk to you. However, I also feel like the more that I am on it, the more out […]

Why I am taking my health more seriously and you should too

When my eyes begrudgingly opened to the alarm clocks ring, I rolled over and OUCH! My body was feeling super stiff and I felt like I needed a chiropractor every morning. By 3 pm I was done for the day and I had just polished off another cup of coffee. I constantly had heart burn, my skin looked dull and I had headaches frequently. What was happening to my body? To deal with a toddler while feeling this way felt like I was setting myself up for failure every day. “No wonder I can be so grouchy sometimes” I thought to myself. My whole life I have been overweight. Throughout my high school years, I somehow got more confidence in […]

12 Farm Themed Tot-School Activites for 18-24 months

In my last post, I shared how I started incorporating tot school into Sweet P’s schedule every day and what that was like for us. There was so much I wanted to say, so I decided to write an additional post to give you some more tangible ideas of the activities we did together. I always have a list of non-theme activities that I incorporate into her tot school time as well, like dropping straws into a small container to work on her fine motor skills or working on stacking toys. Don’t fret friend! If I see an interest I will add a post about all those activities as well! Sweet P doesn’t have a whole lot of toys, in […]

What is Tot School and how do we use it

When Paeton turned one I saw more of her personality and desire to learn come out. Soon after her first birthday I let go of my job and decided to be much more intentional with our time. I knew that I wanted to find some ways to add some structure and learning into our days so I began searching.   The world of Montessori sounded perfect, but the more I learned about it the more I realized it was more of a lifestyle change than some earning time to fit into the day. Adapting to a full-time Montessori lifestyle left my radar just as quickly as it came about. However, I still was searching for something I could do to […]

4th of July Blueberry Supreme

You know that one neighbor that always shows up to the 4th of July party with the Pinterest-worthy dessert that looks like they have been in the kitchen all day making it. Well, what if I told you that you this year, you get to be the Pinterest-worthy dessert bringer and your Mini’s can help you out too. Boo-Yaa! Bring it!   Growing up I knew that I would get this for dessert 2 times a year and they happened to be in the same month so basically for the entire month of July I was all about blueberry supreme! This was our family’s staple dessert for the 4th and often times my mom would let us help her decorate […]

How I Refreshed My Marriage In Just 24 hrs

I was 2 years into marriage, and I already found myself staring at my husband wondering what all the characteristics were about him that made me decide he was the one for me.   That’s a loaded thought! Especially only 2 years in.   Marriage is one of the hardest things I have ever done, right along side with parenting. But when you become brand new at both of those all within one year, your whole world can get a little confusing. This of course was not my plan, but it was clearly God’s.   Being married is a lot to balance. You, as an individual, have your own personality traits, family of origin, dreams, and aspirations. To put it […]

Pinned down by God

My faith can tend to come in waves. I always trust in the Lord, but sometimes I just fall into the pits of the wave and struggle to come back out. During the ongoing sickness of my pregnancy and the first year of Paetons birth, my faith was definitely in the pit of the wave. It didn’t help that during a very stressful time I decided to add a side business and buy a house all within a short period of each other. However, when I look back on some of my decisions over that time, I can see a pattern now. I was constantly finding other things to distract myself. I was afraid to be held accountable, and finding […]